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nsu●mption. It seems t○hat all of a sud◆den, everyone i●s out to buy so〓mething.Chen Be○nsong, Supermar●ket Manager,● said, "Our d●aily con

sumer v●olume stands at aro○und 60-thousand●. Sales of ●clothing, h●ealthcare produc●ts and alcohol ha●ve doubled."The◆ government's m■oves

to extend it○s pro-consumption me○asures have fue■led the craz〓e. People are s〓tanding in long○ queues to buy hom〓e appliances■.Wu Chaokun,

Su●permarket Manager●, said, "It's real●ly hot this y●ear. The m●acro-economic reco○very has greatl〓y boosted our b○usinesses. Sales o○f TV sets,● washing mach◆ines and computer●s have all inc●reased 200 percent f●rom a year earli●er."China moves t●o tap rural marke○t potential〓The documen〓t said the gover●nment would◆ provide a 13-percen●t subsidy to all r●ural buyers o〓f home applia〓nces, includ●ing color TVs, re●frigerators●, mobile phones, ■washing mac■hines and fr●eezers. BEI●JING, March 15 (Xi○nhua) -- The fo○llowing is th◆e full text o◆f the Report on t〓he Work of th〓e Governme●nt delivered by Pre〓mier Wen Jia●bao at the Thir●d Session of th〓e Eleventh Na〓tional People'◆s Congress o○n March 5, 2010 an■d adopted on March■ 14, 2010: Fellow● Deputies, On beh○alf of the State Cou◆ncil, I no◆w present to you my ●report on the work■ of the government f■or your delib〓eration and a●pproval. I also inv◆ite the members○ of the Nat◆ional Commi●ttee of the Chi○nese People's Pol●itical Cons○ultative Confere○nce (CPPCC)◆ to provide

c〓omments and sugge■stions. I. Review of● Work in 20●09 The year 20〓09 was the● most difficult y●ear for our country〓's economic developm◆ent since th●e beginning○ of the new centu●ry. This t〓ime last year● the global finan○cial crisis wa●s still spreading, a●nd the world econo●my was in a ●deep recession. Our ■economy was sev〓erely affecte●d; our expor●ts decreased ●significantly; a ◆large numbe◆r of enterpri●ses had operating d■ifficulties, and so○me even suspended○ production or c■losed down; the n○umb

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